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Audio is a passion for us. Our designers and engineers approach each project with enthusiasm and focus unlike any other. OSA knows that when audio is designed and executed properly, we can help create a memorable experience like no other. Emotions conveyed in a song, a powerful spoken word or immersive & interactive environment. Our team of audio professionals live in the world of cutting-edge technology to bring our client’s conceptual dreams to reality.

Working in conjunction with manufacturers, our system designers are always looking for creative ways of accomplishing daunting tasks with innovative and cost-effective means. This allows our clients to deliver an exciting and innovative experience for their audience in either physical or virtual venues.

OSA provides a wide range of audio solutions. From the most intricate audio designs to reproducing the driving beats for the masses. Having the tools to meet our client’s needs has been our reason for success. When precision sound reinforcement is key, we answer with experienced staff and our state-of-the-art inventory of consoles, audio speaker systems, digital and analog communication systems, fiber optics, networking, wired and wireless microphones, complete workboxes and so much more.
Audio Consoles
Audio consoles for all applications, including live music, meetings, special events, trade shows, theater, broadcast sports and more
Speaker Systems
Speaker systems ranging from all size formats of line array to single and powered speaker enclosures
Microphone Systems
Wireless microphone systems deployed as simple or as complex as determined by the needs of the project
Communication Solutions
Communication solutions ranging from digital matrix systems to wireless intercom systems, and everything in between, to ensure success

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