Video Creating Visual Memories for Your Audience

Staying ahead of the fast evolving and ever-changing landscape of production and broadcast video equipment can be a mind-boggling experience. Although that is exactly what our designers and engineers do every day. Working in conjunction with manufactures, our system designers are always looking for creative ways of accomplishing daunting tasks with innovative and cost-effective means. This allows our clients to deliver an exciting and innovative experience for their audience in either physical or virtual venues.

From standard, oversized, curved and custom shape projection screens with video projectors of all sizes and light sources, OSA can provide a variety of creative visual surfaces to reproduce content larger than life.

Kicking it up a notch, we provide immersive LED displays, both flown and ground supported, including flat, curved and inverse curved configurations. Whether you need an entire LED set, plan to use them as a stage or even a canopy above the stage, or as movable scenic pieces, OSA can provide an immersive visual experience for your audience.

Of course, OSA has you covered with video production equipment, cameras, media servers and the like for all of the high definition content sources to flow seamlessly to the displays and into the eyes of your audience, captivating their attention.
LED Displays
Custom & creative LED engineering solutions, LED design, repairs & service and more
Large, small and custom projection screens perfectly illuminated by redundant projector sources, as well as projection mapping, projection tracking, screen blends and more!
Media Servers and Video Production Equipment
From processors to servers to switchers and more, OSA's video engineering systems are designed to provide the best image quality
HD Camera Systems
From cameras to switchers to graphics and audio, our HD camera systems perform with sound clarity and striking visuals
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