Our Story A Trusted Technology Partner Decades in the Making

We’re proud of the reputation our team has built. Practicing the standards of excellence we were founded on – of which we still practice today – has enabled us to form partnerships that have helped defined us. We thank our partners for this. The result is ever more creative and inspiring live events and installations with each passing year. OSA’s story is one of exceptional service through stable growth.  From humble beginnings to global execution, it all began with a little bit of sound.


Making an Entrance with On Stage Audio

Our group debuted as On Stage Audio in 1985 with a promise to provide the best talent, equipment, and service. Before long, we became widely known for our leading audio solutions. Using the most experienced engineers in the industry to achieve this would guide our philosophy from then on.


Lengthening Our Lead

With systems design at our core, we partnered with renowned road case manufacturer MT Cases in 1997. This immediately positioned our team as the best packaged company in the industry, lending our engineers more time to focus on your event. Today you can find MT’s cutting-edge protective cases in all sectors from entertainment to aerospace.

Sound production and equipment are only one part of any major production, though. That’s why many of our clients sought a competent partner that could provide a full slate of services. Thanks to our team’s dependability and technical expertise, they came to us.  This sparked the transition from an audio company to a full-service business. OSA International, Inc. was born.

A/V rack by OSA

Enhancing Solutions with Systems Integration

We next ventured into systems integration. In 2006, OSA Integrated Solutions became part of our suite of services. The same expertise and client-centric approach carried over from 20 years of live shows. OSA’s installation work began popping up in private residences, corporate board rooms, auditoriums and other commercial properties throughout the country. Our footprint was quickly growing.


Display-Driven! Augmenting with Media Solutions

This commitment to meeting wide-ranging client demands led to another strategic acquisition. Our 2011 purchase of Media Solutions, a prestigious video company with the same values and level of service as OSA, outfitted us with one of the largest and most diverse audio, video, and multimedia inventories in the world. OSA had officially become a preferred partner for both sight and sound.

During these years we also added a highly-reputable LED repair and service center to complement our innovative LED solutions for live events and permanent installations. Our LED engineers hold the ACE+ (Absen Certified Expert) qualifications.


Illuminating the Future

2020 marks a big milestone for OSA — the birth of OSA’s lighting department, including the welcoming of talented designers & technicians and the purchase of new state-of-the-art equipment allowing OSA to provide turnkey lighting packages.

Entering our 35th year of business, we are equipped to offer our clients the best of audio, video, lighting & more.

Today, we continue to innovate in one capacity after another. We are one of the few companies using laser cutting technology to fabricate scenic designs and mobile marketing displays.


Looking Ahead Meeting Your End-to-End Technology Needs

We were once an audio shop facing questions about serving as a general contractor. Now, we’re thrilled to be engaged by the best technical directors, producers, and corporate event planners in the business. Our engineering expertise is also recognized by premier manufacturers, who invite us to the earliest stages of design and development.

We’re fortunate to enjoy the kinds of product previews and high-tech insights that can only come from this type of collaboration. When you work with OSA, you’re partnering with a company whose promise of quality is policy. We push R&D to the limit to make sure that our inventory is the very best. And we invest heavily in our people to offer you a long-term relationship with a highly-trained team.

OSA has come full circle, and we are proud to supply our clients with the On Stage Advantage – unrivalled engineered solutions and service. Get in touch today. As you’ll see, design is in the details.

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